What should an aspiring digital marketing videographer put in his video portfolio?

videographer portfolio

A standout portfolio can make all the difference in a world saturated with content. It’s not just about showcasing your skills; it’s about proving to potential clients that you can deliver results.

Think beyond just flashy visuals and focus on storytelling that resonates with viewers.

Show them that you understand their brand and can meaningfully bring their vision to life.

Damon Nelson
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Your portfolio is a reflection of your creativity and professionalism. Don’t just throw together random clips – curate your work to highlight your range and expertise.

Show prospective clients you can adapt to different styles and industries, showcasing your versatility as a videographer. Let your portfolio speak for itself and demonstrate why you’re the right choice for your next project.

Here are several video styles you might consider including in your portfolio:

1. Commercial Advertisements

  • Objective: Showcase your ability to create compelling ads that sell products or services.
  • Skills Demonstrated: Storytelling, brand awareness, and direct response marketing.
  • Example: Blink Productions: https://www.blinkprods.com/ – Blink Productions is a great example of how to showcase commercial work. Their portfolio includes high-profile client work, demonstrating their ability to create industry ads.

2. Social Media Content

  • Objective: Demonstrate your expertise in creating content tailored for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn.
  • Skills Demonstrated: Understanding of platform-specific requirements, viral content creation, and engagement strategies.
  • Example: [The Buff Nerds] – The Buff Nerds create fun, quirky, and highly shareable short-form videos for brands on social media. Their portfolio is a great example of viral, trend-based social media content.

3. Product Demos and Explainers

  • Objective: Show your ability to explain complex products or services simply and engagingly.
  • Skills Demonstrated: Educational content creation, technical explanation skills, and clear communication.
  • Example [Sandwich Video] (https://www.sandwichvideo.com/) – Sandwich is a leader in clear, simple, and creative product demonstration videos. They do a superb job of transforming complex ideas into easy-to-follow explainer videos.

4. Testimonials and Case Studies

  • Objective: Highlight your ability to produce content that builds trust and credibility for a brand.
  • Skills Demonstrated: Interviewing skills, narrative construction, and emotional engagement.
  • Example: [Heard Studios] – Heard Studios excels at customer stories, weaving compelling narratives focused on benefits and success experienced by clients.

5. Event Highlights and Recaps

  • Objective: Capture the essence of live events, showcasing your ability to create dynamic content from real-world happenings.
  • Skills Demonstrated: Live event coverage, storytelling, and editing for energy and engagement.
  • Example: [Sensory Circus] – Sensory Circus specializes in high energy event videos that focus on capturing the feeling of being there. Their portfolio showcases an ability to translate live experiences into engaging online content.

6. Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) Content

  • Objective: Provide a glimpse into the making of a product, service, or event, showing your ability to create engaging, informal content.
  • Skills Demonstrated: Candid filming, storytelling, and showcasing the human side of a brand.
  • Example [Stillmotion] (https://www.stillmotion.ca/) – Stillmotion often incorporates BTS content for their major projects. This is a compelling way to give potential clients a taste of your process and personality.

7. Branded Content and Mini-Docuseries

  • Objective: Exhibit your capability to produce longer-form content that entertains while subtly promoting a brand.
  • Skills Demonstrated: Documentary filmmaking, storytelling, and episodic content creation.
  • Example [Camp4 Collective] (https://www.camp4collective.com/) – Camp4 Collective are the masters of outdoor lifestyle and adventure storytelling. Their branded films go far beyond simple product placement, immersing the viewer in experiences.

8. Motion Graphics and Animation

  • Objective: If you have these skills, show your ability to create engaging animations or incorporate motion graphics into live-action videos.
  • Skills Demonstrated: Animation, graphic design, and creative storytelling.
  • Example [Tendril Studio] (https://tendril.ca/) – Tendril Studio specializes in design-driven and visually stunning animated works, making their portfolio a great way to see the range of possibilities within motion graphics.

9. Interactive Videos

  • Objective: For those with the technical know-how, demonstrating the ability to create videos that include interactive elements can be a huge plus.
  • Skills Demonstrated: Innovation, technical skills in interactive media, and engagement strategy.
  • Example Interlude: https://www.helloeko.com/ – Interlude (now called Eko) has pioneered interactive storytelling for years. Their portfolio showcases the innovative and groundbreaking work possible within interactive video experiences.

Tailoring Your Portfolio

  • Match Industry Needs: Tailor your portfolio to the specific needs and interests of the marketers you want to work with. If you’re targeting a specific industry, include relevant work samples.
  • Highlight Your Role: Clearly define your role in each project. If you worked as part of a team, specify your contributions.
  • Showcase Results: Whenever possible, include metrics or results (e.g., views, engagement rates, sales conversions) that demonstrate the effectiveness of your work.


Your portfolio is a dynamic tool. Continually update your latest work to keep it relevant and reflect your growing skills and experiences. Networking with marketers and understanding their challenges and goals can also provide insights into other videos to include in your portfolio.

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